Press Reviews

“Traditional CD’s of Christmas organ music seem to be too hot or too cold. A European Christmas, performed on five European instruments by J. David Hart, is indeed just right! Not only is every piece played with Hart’s typical restrained bravura, but also the selection of music is most refreshing. This is a masterpiece!” –FSM Reviewer’s Choice

“Brilliant” –The New York Times

“This is accomplished playing, with a technique that makes even the more difficult pieces sound easy.” –The Organ Magazine (U.K.)

From the German Tour, March, 2007:
“An hour to dream and listen! On Friday there was a very special concert experience at Kreuzberg Monastery. American organist J. David Hart filled the audience with enthusiasm, playing works of Mozart and Bach as well as other organ music -- including his own improvisations. This music touched the hearts and souls of the audience. The hour, completely devoted to music, allowed the listeners to dream -- losing themselves in these splendid sounds. The soul was able to rest, and life's daily rush was forced into the background by the sounds of the mighty pipe organ crafted by Hey-Orgelbau.

This American organist emphasized his deep reverence for Bach with the Toccata und Fugue in D minor. The church nearly seemed to shrink under the mighty sounds. J. David Hart played with tremendous passion and enormous physical zeal. He captured all the illustrious sounds of the organ throughout the concert. The long-lasting applause and the standing ovations showed that the concert was a great success. The audience did not want him to stop!”  –Rhön-u. Saalepost, March, 2007

“A passionate and flawless performance – concluding with a stunning improvisation on a submitted theme” –The Diapason

“Hart is a skilled improvisateur!” –The Catholic Times, Springfield, Illinois

“J. David Hart’s recital at Third Presbyterian Church was most impressive” –The American Organist

“David Hart is a splendid organist” –Pittsburgh Press

“Spine-tingling performance by guest organist J. David Hart” –The Mendelssohn

“We were awed by the perfect marriage of organ and orchestra – most passionate” –Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

“Spectacular virtuosity” –Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Hart is a brilliant recitalist . . . a consummate musician and organist” –The Concordia Connection

“Yesterday’s concert was a virtual compendium of the organist’s repertory – from Bach and Mozart through the romantic and contemporary literature – culminating in an improvisation on a submitted theme, something Hart does with extraordinary facility and inventiveness.” –Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

J. DAVID HART, Organist